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All products: One clear page to show you the full BikeCap collection we have in store. We offer more than 50 prints!.

Our BikeCap products will protect you, as well as your bicycle against the rain. All seat covers, handlebar covers and crate covers as well as cushions, bicycle bags and rain hats can be reviewed in all possible dessins.

Use the filter option to make your own BikeCap selection. We have a wide collection in bike products for you to choose from! Click to explore!

BikeCap in a Nutshell

BikeCap offers the greatest items for your bicycle! The printed covers not only add style to your bike, these also make sure you have a comfortable bike ride during a rainy day. These BikeCap covers are a joy to watch!

Our practical bike seat cover prevents your bottom from getting wet when it’s raining. And the generous size seat pad for your rear rack makes the bicycle journey very pleasant for your passenger as well! What about our handlebar covers and rainhats? These are comfortably warm and will not allow wind or rain to pass through. Also the BikeCap bike crate cover will protect your belongings against the weather conditions.

All of those articles are wonderful, great products that will embellish, personalize and add comfort to your bike ride!

Make your personal selection of bicycle products

The extensive collection of bike products created by BikeCap can be reviewed in a simple manor by using the filter option at the left hand side.

Do you need a specific product or colour perhaps? Or would you rather review all the available bicycle products per theme? All is possible! Looking for a dotted seat cover, handlebar covers in a Moomin design or maybe you’d prefer a graphic printed cover for your bike crat even? All of this is here to review just by simply selecting your preferences. Every chosen article will give you a list of matching products in that same print as well. This makes it really easy to embellish your bicycle in one style!

Personalize your bike with the BikeCap bicycle essentials.