Bike crate + cover M


Mediun bike crate covers

A kids bike crate is a pretty and also practical item. At BikeCap we realize cycling will occur in wet weather conditions as well. Therefore we’ve developed a bike crate cover to fit those! It goes without saying these covers fit perfectly and are executed in the loveliest dessins.

BikeCap offers a bike crate incl. cover

The BikeCap bicycle boxes are also available for children bikes. This specific model comes in the colour black and has a foldable feature. We offer these crates in combination with a great printed cover.

Going to school, sports or the music lessons? This cute crate will transport your belongings easily. A great idea, as now those kids can cycle around safely without being distracted by their heavy bags! No messing about with the luggage straps on the rear rack or paniers that are filled to heavily. Ready to go with your BikeCap crate! Easy installed by the use of tiewraps will remain this BikeCap bicycle crat firmly in position.

Either on the front rack or on the rear bike rack, this box will become a sturdy, robust feature of your bike. Also for adults bikes this size crate is an interesting item as it fits nicely on the rear rack as well. Some countries prefer the rear option. It’s smaller than the XL crate, but sometimes that’s just big enough.

Nice size, perfect fit

Our covers are produced out of a smooth woven material that repels water. The dimensions of the box crate are L40 x W30 x H18 cm. A very suitable size for children’s bicycles. Also any adult that prefers a smaller box will be pleased with this version. We’ve added a sturdy zipper closure along the top edge. This closes the cover and crate nicely. Well protected against any wet weather conditions like rain, hail or even snow.

Aside this medium size with cover, we also offer a XL bike crate (without foldable feature) and perfect fitting XL covers. The dimensions of this crate are L43 x W35 x H28 cm.

Covers for the M size bike crates

Kids can take their belongings with them on a bike ride using the BikeCap bicycle crate with cover. The covers are available in many great, cute or funny prints.

A BikeCap box cover transforms your bicycle in to a stylish bike. It stands out in the crowd, so no worries finding it!

This product isn’t just a pleasure to watch, it’s also very functional. Backpacks, schoolbooks and other little treasures are safe to be transported during heavy rain, as the cover is wind & water repellent. No more soaking wet books to deal with!

The BikeCap collection shows Moomins, butterflies, monsters, graphic prints and flowers amongst many other great dessins. Have a look in our store and find your personal best to embellish your bike!

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