Bike crates


Bike crates also known as bicycle box crates, are gaining popularity amongst the cyclists. BikeCap understands it’s much cooler to cycle around with a box crate instead of bicycle panniers that we’ve seen for decades now.

These bike boxes are really handy to use and style your bike at the same time! Therefore we offer bicycle crates in two sizes and created a perfect fitted cover to go with it!

Buy the BikeCap bicycle box crate

The BikeCap bike crates are made out of a strong material. So this will definitely be a great added feature to your bike! Just put in your back pack, purse, sporting gear or your bag filled with schoolbooks in there and have your hands free to cycle safely. No difficulties trying to balance your stuff on to the rear rack. No problems having weight pulling on just one side of your bike. When using the bike crate; you keep nicely balanced! It’s the best solution. Enjoy the comfort of such an easy solution as this bike crate offers you.

Our crates are really easy to install to your front bike rack. Just use tiewraps to fixate it firmly. Our crates have slits for the wraps to pass through, so it will guarantee a solid construction.

orange & black bike crates

We offer the XL size BikeCap boxes in 2 colours; orange and black. Same design, only different colour up. Just pick your personal preference. The dimensions of the bike crate are L 43 x W 35 x H 28 cm. Aside the XL size, we also offer a smaller crate. The M size dimensions are (L 40 x W 30 x H 18 cm). Our M size crate is foldable and is only available in black. We offer the M size box in combination with a cover. It’s an ideal size for kids bicycles. Buy this product and they are ready to go!