Box crate cover XL


Bike crate covers XL

A BikeCap bicycle crate is a pretty as well as a practical item. We understand cycling isn’t always so much fun when it’s pouring outside. That’s why we’ve developed some great bicycle products that will help you to concur the wet seasons! One of those products is the box crate cover. It goes without saying that the fit is perfect and the prints are very nice.

BikeCap offers Bike crates & box crate covers

BikeCap doesn’t only offer bike crates for adults as well as children, we also have perfect fitting box covers in a wide variety of prints.

The material used is smooth but strong and is water repellent as well as windproof. This way your belongings will remain in perfect condition during a rainy bike ride. The zipper closure gives easy access and will store your backpack, purse or gym bag quickly. It’s so much easier to ride your bike without having to worry about those heavy bags dangling from your handlebar.

Enjoy the comfort of a BikeCap crate with cover!

Great size, excellent fit

We’ve chosen a durable material for our covers. The water repellent feature gives our bike products that extra quality. We’ve developed the box covers to fit perfectly on bike crates with the dimensions L43 x W35 x H28 cm. Offering lots of room for all your belongings you wish to bring along. No matter the weather, your goods will be kept well protected. This model is very suitable to go on the front rack of an adult’s bicycle.

If you’d prefer a box on the rear rack, please see our M size crates with cover. This size works well on the rear bike rack. The dimensions of the M crate are L40 x W30 x H18 cm, this particular crate type is foldable.

A wide collection of box covers

Anyone can bring their belongings on a bike ride by using the BikeCap crates! A box cover will make your bicycle crate even more appealing. The covers are available in all sorts of pretty, fun and stylish dessins. Let’s turn your bike in to an eyecatcher with our box cover! You’ll be happy to spot your bicycle in a blink of an eye now. Personalizing your bike with the BikeCap products is an easy way to do this. Aside stylish, these covers are really practical as well.

Ladies, gentleman, boys and girls transport their belongings safely while it’s raining heavily.

We have a great collection of prints available. What about a print with tropical trees, flowers or maybe the Moomins? Dots, monsters or graphics, you name it! Check out the collections and find your personal favourite to embellish your bike crate!

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