Seat pads


Looking for a bicycle pillow to ensure the person who’s joining your ride on the rear rack is having a pleasant ride as well? See all seat pads we have in store for you and pick the one you like most. Let’s create a stylish bike!

Dimensions: L36 x W18 x H4 cm

The BikeCap seat pad

Joining a cycle adventure on a rear rack isn’t always pleasant. Especially when the road ahead shows some bumps and nasty dips in the pavement. These ‘hurdles’ really ruin the joy of cycling for the co rider on the rear rack!

Let’s upgrade the rear rack comfort by using a BikeCap seat pad! This way you can avoid a quarrel with the your bike passenger. We have several designs for you to choose from. Great prints that put a smile on your face. Which one would you prefer?

Bicycle cushion; quite an eyecatcher!

Such an easy way to upgrade your bike, using the BikeCap bike pillow! We have so many dessins for you in store. What about tropical flowers, graphical designs or the Dutch familiar elements like mills and wooden shoes? See them all and find out what your personal favourite will be.

We’ve developed the seat pad to be attached in a simple manor. The strong Velcro straps keep the pad firmly in position. This way the seat pad will not move around whilst enjoying the upmost comfortable bike ride!

Seat pads variety

Wouldn’t it be great to find your bike in a blink of an eye? Remember those days when you’d be wasting time looking for your bike in the crowd? When using this bike pillow, that problem will be in the past. You’re bicycle get’s that stylish touch and you’ll recognize it in no time. Having a seat pad might give you some passengers, as it looks very comfortable! It’s easy to see the bicycle journey shall be very comfy indeed!

Let’s hop on and enjoy the ride! No more complaints from your friends while cycling your bike, that’s a big plus alright.

Complete this seat pad with a BikeCap bicycle bag

Would you like to combine your seat pad with a stylish bicycle bag? Than please have a look at our new BikeCap bicycle bag! Specially designed to use combined.

The upper section of the bike bag is designed with strong woven tapes that are stitched down. The BikeCap bicycle seat can easily be attached with the use of the Velcro bindings underneath. Either go for a stylish combination in 1 design repeat or choose for a totally different one. It’s up to you. BikeCap can help you create your favourite set.