Bike bags kids


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The new BikeCap kids’ bike bags have arrived! Executed in cheerful and tough designs there is a favourite one for any child. The bike bag for children fits very well on a children’s’ bicycle.

The bigger models will benefit from the adults’ size bike bag we offer.

Children’s bike bags by BikeCap

The BikeCap bicycle bags are developed in a spacious size that fits perfectly on the rear pannier rack of a kids’ bicycle. Two roomy compartments, each measuring L28 x W28 x D13 cm, can simply be closed by the Velcro strips at the inside of the flap.

The seams are reinforced by a woven tape which is set along the edges. This way the bike bag is sturdy enough for frequent use.

The backside of the bike bags is enriched with reflective tape at both sides. This way the kids will be more visible to the traffic behind them when they ride their bikes in the dark.

The ideal pannier bag for all of us

The BikeCap bicycle bags for children are really easy to install by use of the orange coloured Velcro bindings. Fixate them at the top of the rear rack, after which the sides can be applied the same way. The bike bag is now secured and will remain in position; rain or shine. Signed by the familiar BikeCap logo, this kids bike bag reflects quality and durability. Children will enjoy this bicycle bag for years!

Reflective strips? Improved visibility in the dark!

The backside of these bicycle bags features wide reflective tapes. Properly stitched down to create a solid durable construction. Improving the ease of cycling is what we aim for and safety is a very important aspect. BikeCap designs to facilitate the comfort during cycling.

The headlights of the traffic coming from behind will light up the reflective tape. This extra eyecatcher is always appreciated in case of a children’s bike.

BikeCap Bicycle bags are also designed for the adult size bicycle

Aside this children’s size bike bag, we’ve also developed a pannier bag for the adult bicycle. For the bigger kids bicycle models we recommend to choose the adult size bike bag.

The BikeCap bags are available in a wide variety of unique prints. These are developed in such a way that a combination with a bike seat or bicycle kids’ seat is possible. Not only can you bring home the groceries, your child will enjoy a comfortable ride sitting on a BikeCap cushion as well!