Do you remember Sniff, Snufkin & Snorkmaiden? Just a couple of Moomins we know from tv shows and cartoons. Created by the Finish Tove Jansson in the 40’s.

BikeCap offers a collection of these cute little creatures! Have a look, they’ll might bring back memories!

The Moomin collection has arrived!

BikeCap offers some great accessories for adults as well as children’s bicycles. Items like seat covers, cushions to go on the rear rack, bike crate covers, handlebar covers, bicycle bags and last but not least rainhats.

We’ve implemented the funny little cartoon characters to the nicest prints! The collection contains Comic, Rainy Day, Hurry Mama, Checked and several other unique Moomin BikeCap themes. All have their own specific colours and design, so enough to choose from!

All the familiar products in the unique Moomin style

BikeCap translated the worldwide known Moomin characters in to the well-known BikeCap products. The Scandinavian trolls are part of these lovely dessins.

The numerous colours and prints offer an extensive Moomin collection that will please anyone. It goes without saying that these designs are executed in the familiar water repellent material and clever detailing. For instance the antitheft ribbon that keeps the Moomin seat cover nicely secured. Or the handy zip closure we’ve added along the edge of the bike box cover which will shield off your belongings form the rain in no time.

Let’s go for a bike ride with the Moomins!

The famous little creatures from the Moomin valley are now available in the nicest printed bicycle products. What about Lilla My or Sniff? Mama Moomin and Snorkmaiden also join the party.

The Moomin cartoon was a familiar part of the London Evening News. Nowadays you can find these cute figures on our BikeCap products!

Have a look at the Moomin collection and enjoy these funny troll creatures.

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