Seat Pad Delft Blue Tiles

This Delft Blue Tiles seat cover is decorated in the famous Delft Blue colour setting. You never have to experience a sore bottom while joining a bike ride anymore! The dimension of this BikeCap seat pad is L40 x W22 x H5 cm.


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The Delfts Blue Tiles bike seat pad embellished with one of the original Delft Blue tile pattern, has a historical look. This BikeCap item will help to find your bike in the crowd, like at the station or at the school grounds. Also it’s the perfect step to more ‘bicycle’ comfort. We all have endured a ride on a rear rack and realized this wasn’t the most pleasant way to travel.

When using this Delft Blue Tiles bike seat pad, you’ll experience a very different bike ride! The pillow has a good dimension & thickness which makes any bike ride pleasant. It also lifts the appearance of your bike to a next level.

The seat pad is created out of a strong but smooth woven material, which has a water repellent feature. We’ve added a firm matrass inside for good comfort. Strong velcro straps are added to the backside of the seat pad, which ensures the pillow to remain in position at all times.

BikeCap offers a wide collection of seat pads. We also offer a range of products that can be combined with this seat pad such as Delfts Blue Tiles bike seat covers, Delfts Blue Tiles box crate covers, Delfts Blue Tiles handlebar covers and Delfts Blue Tiles rainhats.

Now you can create the perfect blue look for your bike!

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