Bike seat covers


BikeCap offers a wide collection of bike seat covers. Our covers are designed with an antitheft ribbon which ensures your cover to remain in position at all times.

Aside the adults size seat cover, we’ve also developed a kids version for the children’s size bike seats.

BikeCap’s bike seat covers

A BikeCap original seat cover is a must have for any bicycle retailer. A functional and fun product, that will upgrade any bike whether it’s a brand-new bicycle or a second-hand bike. Our in house designed collections count numerous of prints to choose from.

BikeCap offers more bicycle comfort for the cyclists and their passengers. No matter your age, everyone will enjoy the BikeCap seat covers Especially when it’s raining, but also when the weather is soft and nice. Your clients will enjoy a bike seat cover as it’s looks wonderful on their bicycles.

Every bike deserves such a lovely bicycle accessory!

BikeCap for high quality durable bicycle products

The seat covers BikeCap has in store for you give a great additional sales opportunity for you as a bicycle dealer. A stylish, pretty, cool or fun element is added to any bicycle when you place such a saddle cover.

We’ve chosen a material that has a soft touch and is strong at the same time. A woven base with an environmental friendly finish that repels water. This fabric will mould itself around the bicycle seat during the first couple of bike rides to achieve great fit. We ensure our products to be produced with upmost precision.

All BikeCap products are designed in house. We use the best quality and workmanship to create a great product. The orange BikeCap label is clearly visible and represents this quality product.

These bike seat covers will help your clients to ride their bikes enjoying the comfort of a dry saddle during or after a rainy period. The antitheft ribbon will make sure the cover will remain in position. A dry saddle is guaranteed for your customers!

We design and distribute the bicycle products from the Netherlands. More than 50 prints will give your customers lots to choose from!

Create your own BikeCap collection!

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Create your own BikeCap collection for your store and welcome your customers to see the latest bike seat covers, cushions, box crate covers, handlebar covers, bicycle bags and rainhats!

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