Box crate cover XL


Looking for a perfect fitted crate cover for your bike crate? BikeCap is your best choice!

As we have a robust bike crate in store. We’ve developed a box crate cover for this specific crate. The result is a pretty, durable and stylish cover. We offer you many dessins to choose from, so you can make the best selection for your store!

Bike crate cover XL by BikeCap

Being a bicycle retailer, you’ll be looking for quality to add to your assortment. TheBikeCap bike crate cover XL fits those criteria. Our covers are specially developed to fit the XL bicycle crate. This is how we guarantee the great fitting of our covers.

A strong zipper is set along the top edge for easy accessibility. This closure works quick as well as fast, which is a benefit when the weather conditions are wet. The crate easily slides in the cover, after which it can be attached to the front rack of the bike with tiewraps. It will sit firmly and remain in position. A bike crate cover is a stylish solution to transport your customers belongings in wet weather.

Nice format, great fit

We’ve chosen a strong but smooth woven fabric that repels water due to the environmental friendly finish applied. This material has a tight woven cloth which creates our quality product. Your clients valuables will be stored away safely from any rain, hail or even snow. The BikeCap cover XL forms a great combination with our own bike crate XL. (dimensions L43 x W35 x H28 cm). This size works very well on the front rack of an adults size bicycle.

Ladies, gents, teenagers all benefit by a BikeCap crate cover!

Would you prefer to add a smaller model to your assortment? BikeCap also offers a medium size cover M which already includes a foldable crate (dimensions L40 x W30 x H18 cm). Ready to be installed on the rear rack of an adults bike or on a kids bicycle.

Great covers, wide assortment

The numerous dessins we have in store, offer plenty diversity to service your customers. BikeCap created the full product line in matching prints. This gives you the ability to create a specific look for the bicycles. It’s possible to order a seat cover together with a bike crate cover in the same dessin.

This fully embellished bicycle will get a stylish, pretty or even a cool appearance! Your clients will be so pleased with this bike upgrade, especially as it will improve the visibility of it at the same time. No more long searches as the BikeCap upgraded bike will catch your eye instantly!

What about a print of tropical trees, flowers or maybe you’d like our Moomin collection even better? Dots, graphical prints or monsters are also part of our wide assortment. Create the BikeCap collection that fits your shop best!

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