Seat pads


A great addition to your bicycle accessories assortment are the BikeCap seat pads.

A comfortable pillow in a luxurious format, executed in the nicest prints. Expand your BikeCap collection and present this upmost comfortable article to your customers!

Seat pads by BikeCap

Your clients will love to get to know the BikeCap seat pad. So much additional comfort for their bike passenger will make the bike ride very pleasant for both.

We’ve chosen a durable material for all of the BikeCap articles, which is strong, but smooth and repels water due to the added environmental friendly finish. Combined with the heavy filling turns this seat pad in to a very comfortable seat, that anyone would love to try!

Striking seat pads for a bicycle rear rack

We’ve made sure the seat pads are easy to install. The velcro straps at the bottom will allow you to fixate the seat pad firmly. The BikeCap is ready for use in no time.

Wide collection of dessins as well as designs

Not only do we offer over 50 prints that are all unique, each an every one of those are eyecatchers! Your customers will be so pleased to spot their bicycles in a bicycle storage or a crowed square quickly. All due to the wonderful bike accessories BikeCap has to offer.

The dessins are available in almost all the products we offer. Seat covers, rainhats, handlebar covers and so on. This way you can offer your clients a full bike accessory line to choose from.

Comfort and style are combined as 1 BikeCap product. Just place your order and enjoy!

Kids bike seat: an upgraded seat pad

Looking for seat pad in a more luxurious version: take a look at our kids bike seat collection. In this product the sturdy matrass for the pannier is extended with a comfortable back matrass, which offers plenty of back support.

Offer a total package; seat pad combined with the BikeCap bicycle bag

These seat pads are developed to fit together with the latest BikeCap bicycle bag! Specially designed to create a perfect combination.

The pillow can be fixated to the orange coloured woven tapes that are applied on the upper section of the bicycle bag. A stylish combination in 1 design repeat or a personal mix and match of our prints, all is possible to create a full package for your customers. They will enjoy transporting their passengers as well as the groceries in one ride!

BikeCap offers a complete solution.

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