BikeCap promotion

The right product presentation gives a good impression of the brand and adds that ‘willing to buy’ aspect.

We’ve developed specific Point Of Sale (P.O.S.) material which enhances the BikeCap sales. Some of the items are free of charge, for others we ask a small contribution in the costs. The prices are listed down below the specific items.

Presentation rings

These rings helps to present the BikeCap items in a clear and structured manor. Either by colour or by theme. The presentation rings are easy to open for quick change of product.


A display is developed to present the bike seat covers in a nice clean way. The carbon display makes it possible to present 12 covers at once. Also there is room to fit a showcase for more information about other available prints. Easy accessible and a pretty sight.

We’d advise to place this display on the counter to create an extra sales moment at the cash register. These seat covers are great additional sale items, that open the conversation to talk more in depth about the other products BikeCap has to offer.


We’ve developed a hand-out that can be added to the shopping bag after any sales or placed together with the BikeCap collection in your store. This flyer explains the BikeCap products and our look and feel. The products are well explained on this flyer, that can be folded open to a poster size. This poster shows an overview of the many dessins BikeCap has designed.


This seat shaped booklet shows the most recent dessins of the BikeCap collection. At the backside of each ‘seat’ specific information about the dessin is given. Like name, article number and related styles available. A quick reference that will turn out to be a very useful item to have whilst placing (re)orders.

Also during a sales moment this item is a great tool to work with. It gives a quick impression of the latest BikeCap dessins. Of course our website will give you every detailed information about our products. Please feel free to visit and get the information you require.

Increase customer sales with a little BikeCap help

Aside the above mentioned POS tools we have in place, we also have an image bank available on our website. This image bank gives access to some great photos that helps to bring across that BikeCap feel. Ready to use for a newsletter or to be placed on your store’s website. These images are available in high resolution in case a big size print out is needed.

Furthermore we offer you the possibility to download high resolution images of all our individual products. These can be found under the product description section of each article.

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