Handlebar covers


Present your customers an extensive collection of durable and high quality bicycle accessories. The BikeCap handlebar covers would be a nice addition!

Are you familiar with our product? These hand muffs make the ordinary gloves no longer a requirement for a bike ride in cold and wet weather. Absolute comfortable, water resistant, windproof and warm; a lovely accessory that your clients definitely will appreciate!

Handlebar covers for bicycles

Your product assortment will improve when you add the quality BikeCap products!

Please your clients by offering them our lovely handlebar covers. An ideal product for the cold, windy and wet days. The BikeCap handlebar covers have a soft touch lining. The outer shell is created out of a strong, but smooth woven material, that has an environmental friendly finish applied. This results in a fabric that repels water, blocks out wind and is comfortably soft on the inside. The press buttons makes them easy to install.

Dimensions: L36 x W22 cm

BikeCap handlebar covers protect hands perfectly against tough wind and wet weather. An ideal product for wet and cold seasons. The covers slide simple over the brakes, which ensures bike safety in traffic as usual.

Hands warm & comfortable

A durable product with a stylish character. Your clients will enjoy their bicycle rides even more when they experience the comfort of the BikeCap handlebar covers! No more cold, clamp fingers or dry and damaged hands due to the though weather conditions.

These covers will remain nicely in position. So no worries, just simply enjoy the bike ride!

Mix & Match

The handlebar covers are designed by BikeCap. We offer this practical and stylish product in a wide scale of dessins. Beautiful flowers, a strong graphical print or a sweet Moomin figure are just some examples of the prints we have on stock.

By offering the dessins in the full product line, we’d like to encourage you to present a matching set to your clients. You can either go for one print exclusive or make a combination of prints within one theme. 

Have a look at the options we present and place your order for some lovely combinations that will upgrade your stores’ collection!

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