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BikeCap kids size bike seat covers

BikeCap is also your supplier for bike seat covers for childen! Our extensive collection offers dessins that are either cool, cute, fun or just very pretty. This way you can also service your young customers as well.

Just like the adults size seat covers, the kids dimension is also executed with the antitheft ribbon. This special feature is a big plus for this product. For the popular beachcruiser bikes we advise to order the adults size seat cover, due to the bigger saddle this type of bike is designed with.

Adding the BikeCap kids size saddle covers will widen your target audience. As our covers are also very useful for children. Not only will it add a fun factor to their bikes, it also helps them to keep their pants comfortably dry during any bike ride. This way they can enjoy playing outside riding their bicycles with their own BikeCap seat cover!

Kids Collection: functional & fun!

BikeCap gives you the opportunity to sell a great collection of seat covers with matching bicycle bags and rainhats. Now you can offer a full line of bicycle accessories to your clients!

A bike seat cover and a matching bike bag, combined with a crate cover in the same print creates a beautiful look for any bike! A stylish appearance that also makes it easier to recognize your bicycle in a crowded area! The antitheft ribbon ensures your cover will not get lost and remains in position. A comforting thought.

Present the saddle covers with our POS-material

Either you present the BikeCap collection as one strong brand in a wall presentation or you choose the emphasize one article by using our countertop display. Both options offer a great additional sales opportunity for you as a bicycle dealer. The bicycle you’ve just sold can be completely styled with practical, pretty bike accessories!

High quality material

We’ve chosen a material that has a soft touch and is strong at the same time. A woven base with an environmental friendly finish that repels water. This fabric will mould itself around the bicycle seat during the first couple of bike rides to achieve great fit. We ensure our products to be produced with upmost precision.

All BikeCap products are designed in house. We use the best quality and workmanship to create a great product. The orange BikeCap label is clearly visible and represents this quality product.

BikeCap designs and distributes the bicycle products from the Netherlands. More than 50 prints will give your customers lots to choose from!

Create your own BikeCap collection!

Please click the all products button to review all the available products in one view. By using the filter you can select and choose those products and dessins that suit your shop best.

Create your own BikeCap collection for your store and welcome your customers to see the latest bike seat covers, cushions, box crate covers, handlebar covers, bicycle bags and rainhats!

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