Rainhat designed for adults

Does your inhouse collection cover rainhats as well? This might be a nice product for you to expand your store assortment!

Aside the familiar BikeCap products that are known to be very functional and stylish at the same time, we also have a great rainhat design in our collection.

Sou’wester design; pretty & functional

The design of our BikeCap rainhat was inspired by the original sou’wester rain hats. That has proven to be a very functional model.

We’ve finetuned it and added some flair by using great prints as material. This resulted in this fashionable but functional rainhat.

We’ve chosen a strong woven material which has a special feature. The environmental friendly finish applied repels water and will block out wind. A high quality material, which is comfortable to wear during these harsh weather conditions.

The elastic trim added to the centre of the hat will perfection the fit to the personal preference of your clients. This hat will remain firmly in position during any bicycle ride!

The BikeCap sou’wester is available in 2 sizes: M for head circumference 55-57 cm and L for head circumference 57-59 cm

We’ve developed a suitable rainhat for children as well. We offer a kids size in:
S for head circumference 53-55 cm
M for head circumference 55-57 cm

The perfect hat to protect you against the rain- available at BikeCap

Our sou’wester rain hat has a strong design and is available in a wide colour range of lovely prints. Now you can present your customer a rainhat in a matching print like the seat cover or seat pad of their bicycle!

Your clients will be well prepared for the wet weather conditions. They can still be fashionable in the rain wearing one of these!

A great addition to your current bicycle accessories collection.

Adults as well as youth wear the sou’wester

The BikeCap rainhat protect face and hair against all kind of weather conditions. As we offer them in cool, pretty or cheerful dessins, we feel it’s a great product for everyone.

Perfect fitting, lovely print makes a great product! Order them here and see which dessin suits your customers best.

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