Privacy statement for BikeCap Resellers

Privacy statement, for Resellers

This privacy statement is updated due to the (GDPR) General Data Protection Regulation.

BikeCap will treat your personal data with the upmost care and respect. Our website and order management system are set up in such a way that it allows you to visit and shop in a safe environment. All your personal data will be treated confidential. Your data will be used to make sure you receive your parcel in a simple and quick manor and for us to be able to contact you. In any other circumstances ( if that would occur), you will be contacted first to ask for permission. Your data will not be shared with third parties, nor will we sell it. We will only share the required data with parties that are involved with the handling of your order. Below document will give you more insight on our privacy policy and the safe payment procedures.

Data protection

The protection of your personal data is essential to us as well. Visiting our website and webshop needs to remain a great experience without any worries about data safety.

What is the exact data BikeCap needs to register?

When you visit our website we keep track of the following:

  • information about the BikeCap pages you’ve visited; also known as statistics/Google analytics. This bit of information will be combined with other visitors data. It will give us more specific info on what pages are popular or not. This way we can improve our site for a better shopping experience. The data will collected anonymously with the sole purpose of improving our website performances.
  • information that is shared voluntarily (for instance when you set up an account or you share a review of our products on our site).

By shopping or signing in for services at BikeCap we require certain information from you. In the following occurrences we need you to share your personal data with us:

  • when you place an order or set up an account: name & address, phone number, e-mail address and payment data is required to proceed with the order and to keep you informed about the process of your parcel delivery. By setting up an account, you can revisit this data without the need to re enter it for future purchases. This way shopping at BikeCap is safe, easy and fast!
  • when you register to our newsletter.
  • when you participate in a winning contest or discount offer on our website.
  • to get an even better shopping experience we’d like to save (with your permission) your personal data of your shopping history. This data will be combined and reviewed internally for us to optimize our product offering.


When you decide to subscribe to our newsletter, you’ll receive the latest news on BikeCap products, novelties and more via your e-mail address. You can easily unsubscribe at any moment by following the link on our newsletter

Special offers and winning contests

When you respond to or participate in a winning contest or special discount offer, we’ll be needing your name and e-mail address. This personal data will be registered to call out the winner and to review the statistics on how well the offer was received; the overall response.

Read and/or edit your personal data

You can view and edit your personal data in your account when you log in to our website. Also deleting your personal account is possible. Just send us an e-mail; we’ll delete your account for you.

How does BikeCap protect my data?

The personal data you leave on our website, will be used with the purpose of customer management and improvement of sales directions. Like processing your parcel or the contact possibilities for special offers. Your data will not be shared with third parties, nor will we sell it. We will only share the required data with parties that are involved with the handling of your order. Except in case of fraud detection we have to follow the legal regulations in order to protect BikeCap, our customers or third parties.

Safety measures

Within the BikeCap organisation we take reasonable technical and administrative measures to protect your personal data. We check our data management system on a regular basis on possible flaws or leakage. Do keep in mind, as the internet is not a 100% safe environment for any data, we’re not able to guarantee the security of the data that you personally share with us. E-mails send might not be coded. Therefore we strongly recommend not to share strictly personal data in your e-mails to us.

When you feel your personal data is not handled in the right way, you maintain the right to file a complaint at the (AP) Autority for personal data.

Shop safely; payment via SSL

BikeCap has a modern safety technique in place for payments; called ‘Secure Socket Layer’ (SSL). Privacy sensitive data exchange will be encrypted during the transfer. Personal information such as name, address and payment data are well protected by the SSL protocol and can not be intercepted or read by others.


Cookies are bits of information data stored on your computer. BikeCap will use these cookies to recognize you on your next visit. Cookies allow us to collection information about how potential clients visit our website. By reviewing this we can improve our website and make it more user friendly. Our cookies register anonymously, so your name, address or other personal data will not be detected.

Data storage

We store your personal data that you’ve supplied including the reviews, for as long as you decide to keep your account active. When you decide to delete your personal account, also your reviews will be deleted. We’ll store your data for a period of 3 years. When there hasn’t been any activity on your account after that period, we’ll delete your account.

We trust this privacy statement gives a clear message that the services we offer are secured and safe for you to work with. Any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us:

BikeCap is entitled to make alterations to this statement. Any updates will be clearly communicated via our website.

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