Bicycle Bag

Have you’ve seen our latest bicycle bags? We’ve developed two sizes to accommodate both adults as children’s bicycles. Executed in cheerful, stylish, fashionable or just cute designs for you to explore. What’s your favourite?

Pannier bags by BikeCap

The BikeCap bicycle bags are developed in a spacious size that fits perfectly on the rear pannier rack of an adults’ bicycle. Two roomy compartments, each measuring L34 x W34 x D15 cm, can simply be closed by the Velcro strips at the inside of the flap. The seams are reinforced by a woven tape which is set along the edges. This way the pannier bag is sturdy enough for frequent use.

The backside of the bicycle bag is enriched with reflective tape at both sides. This way you’ll be more visible to the traffic behind, when you ride your bicycle in the dark.

The BikeCap bicycle bags are really easy to install by use of the orange coloured Velcro bindings. Fixate them at the top of the rear rack, after which the sides can be applied the same way. The pannier bag is now secured and will remain in position. Signed by the familiar BikeCap logo, this bicycle bag reflects quality and durability.

A bag you’ll enjoy for years!

Complete the BikeCap bicycle bag with a cushion

We’ve designed our bicycle bags featuring two woven tapes along the upper part. This allows you to apply an additional BikeCap seat pad in an easy manner.

If you require a cushion for a slightly smaller child, that is able to sit firmly on its own, we offer the BikeCap kids bike seat. A very comfortable pillow that can be applied to the rear rack of a bicycle with a metal frame at the end of it. The sitting section, as well as the backpad of this seat, is designed with a sturdy, soft matrass inside. Supporting the bottom as well as the back against the bumpy streets reducing the harsh shocks.

The sitting section can easily be applied by use of the Velcro bindings. These attach to the strong woven tapes that are stitched down to the bicycle bagEnjoying a bike ride was never any easier!

Have a look at our wide selection of dessins and pick the combination that works best for you.

Reflective strips enhance visibility in the dark

Both bicycle bags as well as the seat pads and bike seats are enriched with a reflective tape at the backside. This way you’ll be more visible to the traffic behind, when you enjoy your bike ride in the dark. The reflective strips are stitched on to ensure a durable construction. Improving the ease of cycling is what we aim for and safety is a very important aspect. The headlights of the traffic coming from behind will light up the reflective tape. Adding an eyecatcher to improve visibility when it’s dark.

Bike bags for children

As the bicycle bags come in two sizes, one of them is especially designed for a kids’ bike. A smaller version bike bag that will look great on their bicycles. As we offer so many dessins to choose from, they can go for a matching dessin to moms’ bicycle bag or go for one that’s even nicer!

Check out our collection and surprise children with their own BikeCap bike bag to enjoy.