Warranty and returns

Warranty and returns

Most products purchased from us can be returned and/or exchanged against certain conditions. You can register the return shipment within 14 calendar days of receipt. Then you will have another 14 calendar days to return the product. Return shipments are at the risk of the purchaser. This means that BikeCap is not liable for any damages or loss of returned products.

For products that have been returned in the right manner, either the payment obligation is waived, or the purchase amount paid by you is refunded on your bank account. (Shipping) costs involved in the return are to be borne by you. However, this is not the case when BikeCap has made a mistake, has sent an incorrect product or if the product you ordered has a defect. You can also return the products in the event that you have placed an incorrect order. Below, it is explained how to return an order. If you follow these instructions, the chance of any problems is minimised.

Step 1

In case of an incorrect delivery, or in the event that you are not satisfied with the product, you can send an email with information on the problem to info@bikecap.com.

Step 2

We will reply you with an email. The product you are returning can be put in the envelope, together with the invoice which you received from us by email. The invoice is not mandatory, but it does ensure a swift processing of your return request.

Step 3

Next, please send the envelope with the product within 14 calendar days to:

BikeCap BV
Middelblok 214
2831 BR Gouderak
The Netherlands

Step 4

After sending the product, you can send us an email including your bank account details, according to the General Terms and Conditions Thuiswinkel we will pay out the purchase amount + shipping costs (when applicable) within 30 days. The 30 period days starts the moment you return the order.

Never just send a product without reporting it first. Should you have any questions, we refer you to the contact page.