Cushions for the luggage carrier

The pleasure of a comfortable bike ride is what we all enjoy. Considering sitting on a rear bicycle rack usually isn’t all that. Bike cushions specially designed for bicycle rear racks, will offer some relief.

We’ve expanded our seat pad collection with the latest design; the BikeCap kids bike seat. This new seat offers not only supports the bottom, it supports the back as well, with a sturdy but soft cushion.

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Kids bike seat by BikeCap

The familiar seat pad is upgraded to a more luxurious version; the BikeCap kids bicycle seat. The sturdy matrass for the pannier, is now extended with a comfortable back matrass offering plenty of back support.

The kids bike seats can be easy applied by sliding the back part on to the metal frame, after which the orange Velcro straps will help you to fasten the seat cushion on to the rear rack of the bicycle. The soft, but sturdy matrass will reduce the shocks of the bumpy roads, which results in a much more pleasant bicycle ride.

The dimensions are:
Rear seat section L26 x W18 x H4 cm
Back support section L18 x W23 x H2 cm

Bicycle cushions by BikeCap; a pleasure for the eye

This season we bring the latest dessins and cute prints to the market. There is a favourite to be found for everyone! Looking for a cool graphic pillow that brings out the colour of your bicycle or do you prefer a more distinct print? Have a look and find out which bike seat or seat pad appeals to you.

It’s very easy to apply a BikeCap seat to the rear rack of your bicycle. Just fixate the Velcro straps that are applied underneath to the metal rack and the seat is ready for your passenger to jump on. De dimensions of the seat pads are: L36 x W18 x H4 cm.

At the backside of the cushions we’ve added a reflective tape; this will light up when the headlights of the traffic coming from behind catches it. Safety first!

Combine these cushions with the BikeCap bicycle bag

Would you like to combine your bike seat or seat pad with a stylish bicycle bag? Than please have a look at our BikeCap pannier bag! Specially designed to use as a set. The upper section of the bike bag is designed with strong woven tapes that are firmly stitched down. The BikeCap cushions can easily be attached with the use of the Velcro bindings underneath.

Reflective tapes are also applied to the backside of this bag. A great addition to yet another durable BikeCap product.

The latest fashionable bike seats and seat pads in many prints

You will no longer have to waste time searching for your bicycle, as the distinct BikeCap accessories catch the eye in no time! All of our accessories like cushions, bike bags, crate covers and bike seat covers are available in a wide variety of dessins. Create your favourite bicycle with our BikeCap accessories.