Trouble logging into BikeCap?

Are you having trouble logging in? BikeCap has recently switched to a safer and simpler system: this is a bit different. Read on for more info.

Direct to login

How does logging in to BikeCap work?

We've simplified our login process. You no longer need a password  to log in. You can now access your account with  just an email address. This applies to everyone (including resellers).

  1. To log in, enter the email address you have always used with us on the login screen.
  2. You will receive an email from BikeCap at that email address (also check the spam box), click on the green button in the email to log in.
  3. You will be redirected to the browser and logged in automatically. You can then shop!

Note: the link is for single use. If you are logged out, you must request a new secure link.


Now that you understand this, hopefully it's a little clearer.

Log in


Is this safe?

We understand that it may be more convenient to stay in the browser, with an old-fashioned username and password, but we don't want your data to be at undue risk. In this case, you have access to your own email address. If you can log in to your email address, we trust that you are authorized to log in with it.

Change settings?

Once logged in, you can change your account settings. Choose below which situation applies to you.

Change settings