Bike Crate & Cover M Demolition Wood

The Demolition Wood cover, specially designed to fit the medium size box crate, will protect your goods in all weather conditions. This size is very suitable for kids bicycles. The dimensions of this bike crate cover are L40 x W30 x H18 cm.


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The Demolition Wood box crate cover – medium is the ideal addition to your bicycle. Not only is it a great stylish embellishment, it also is very functional. You’ll be well prepared for a bike ride in the rain with this box crate cover added to your bike crate! Snow, hail or rain will not be able to ruin your belongings, as these are stored safely in the covered BikeCap box! Would you like to own one?

The cover is created out of a strong but smooth woven material, which repels water. We’ve added a zipper along the top edge, which makes it really easy to store all your goods inside. The cover is specially designed to fit the BikeCap crate. This combination gives a perfect fit.

We offer this Demolition Wood cover in 2 sizes. Aside the medium size we also have a size in XL, which is suitable for adults bicycles. Nevertheless this M size crate is also interesting for adults bicycles to be placed at the rear rack, as the M size fits wonderfully as well. For a children’s size bike we recommend this medium size crate and cover for best fit.

BikeCap offers a wide collection of bike box covers. We also offer a range of products that can be combined with it. Demolition Wood bike seat covers, Demolition Wood seat pads, Demolition Wood handlebar covers and Demolition Wood rainhats.

You can brighten up your bike with this trendy print!

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