Bike crate orange

No more heavy bags dangling from your steering wheel, as this box crate will carry your heavy shopping bags, schoolbag or sport gear easily during your bicycle ride!

Combine this boxcrate with one of our lovely bikecrate covers XL, to ensure the content to be perfectly protected against rain, wind or other though winter conditions. Also, pickpockets get less change of grabbing your stuff while riding your bike, as it’s now protected by our BikeCap cover.


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Are you looking for a orange crate to fit your bicycle? This bike crate dimension is suitable for an adult’s bicycle. A reliable and trendy addition for your bike, that offers enough space to fit your personal belongings. This BikeCap accessory will make cycling even more pleasant!

The dimensions of this large bike crate are L43 x W35 x H28 cm, which makes it a perfect fit for the BikeCap boxcrate covers XL we offer. You have two colours to choose from. Either bright orange or stylish black. The BikeCap box can easily be attached to the front carrier of your bicycle by using tie-wraps. Feel free to have a look at our bike crate covers collection. We offer a wide selection of dessins for you to choose from. There will definitely be one to your liking!

A covered bicycle crate protects your luggage against rain, wind and though weather conditions. Also, this cover will prevent your belongings from falling out during the bicycle journey. The sturdy zipper closure ensures a perfectly closed box crate during the ride.

In case you’d prefer a slightly smaller box crate, we’d recommend the bike crate cover M,

that comes with a box crate included. The dimensions are: L40 x W30 x H18 cm. A good size for the smaller children bicycles. This version is also very suitable for adults who prefer a slightly smaller bike crate, as this model can be placed at the rear rack as well.

This big bike crate BikeCap offers fits perfectly inside our box crate covers XL. Have a look at our collection and choose a print you love! We offer most of our dessins in the full range of products, so you can extend your bicycle gear with other BikeCap items as well. What about a matching bike seat cover, seat pad, handlebar covers or even a rainhat? We offer all you need to embellish your bike to your own preference.

Have fun combining!

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