Bike Seat Cover Blackbirds Pastel

The bike seat cover Blackbirds Pastel is designed with a bird print and in pastel shades. This BikeCap cover is 29 x 25 cm and fits on a standard bike bike seat.


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Bike seat cover Blackbirds Pastel combines a coulourful pattern with lively birds. Against a dark background, the pairs of birds stand out nicely. In short, a cheerful note for your bike!

BikeCap offers you many variation and combination possibilities thanks to our extensive collection. For example, you can choose to combine the bike seat cover Blackbirds Pastel with other BikeCap products in the same bird pattern. But feel free to go for a completely different print! Make your bike even more individual by combining designs.

Instructions for the use of bike seat cover Blackbirds Pastel

There are 2 ways to use the bike seat cover. Place the cover on your bike seat. When it rains or has rained, take the cover off and tuck it under the bike seat. The bike ride with a dry bike seat can start. Or you can keep the bike seat cover stored under your bike seat. If it has rained, simply pull the cover from under the bike seat and place it on top. Like this, you can also keep the bike seat dry during your cycling tour.

The bike seat covers of BikeCap are water-repellent and provided with an anti-theft ribbon, that prevents theft.

Also for the children’s bike

All BikeCap bike seat covers are available in two sizes—for adult bikes or we also have a smaller size that fits perfectly on a child’s bike seat. If your child has a beach cruiser bike, then you should choose the larger size. This type of special bike is often equipped with a larger bike seat, which the BikeCap bike seat cover fits nicely.

The BikeCap collection

BikeCap offers this Blackbirds Pastel design for several products including a child size bike seat cover, crate covers, a cushion for the back of the bike or a child seat. Bike bags and handlebar covers are also available in this bird print. Whether you are looking for a stylish, classic design or prefer a cheerful or funny print, BikeCap offers the desired print for everyone. Mix & match and design your ideal bike.

By combining several items in this design, your bike will stand out!

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