Bike Seat Cover Kids Multidots Pastel

Trendy dots with trendy pastel colors in a sleek pattern, that’s typical Bike seat cover Kids Multidots Pastel. Surprise your child with a beautiful bike makeover. Dry bike seat included.


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Bike seat cover Kids Multidots Pastel, cycling fun

The pastel-colored dots of saddle cover Kids Multidots Pastel are a festive experience. Really fun for your child’s bike. And also convenient, because with such a colorful look you’ll find your bike among all those ‘gray mice’. That gives even more cycling fun – and a dry bike seat.

Bike seat cover benefits

The children’s bike seat covers from BikeCap are guaranteed water-repellent. That’s why your child’s bike seat stays dry with every rainstorm. Moreover, a BikeCap cover always fits perfectly. Useful tip: the cover can be stored under the bike seat while cycling, so you have it right at hand. Even better: with the accompanying anti-theft ribbon, the cover is easy to attach to the bike. This reduces the risk of others getting away with it.

Also adult sizes

BikeCap supplies saddle cover collections in two sizes. Besides this series of children’s bike seat covers there is also such a stylish line of bike seat covers for adults. And that larger size, 29 x 25 cm, also fits special, larger (children’s) bikes, such as beach cruiser bikes. These are bikes that usually have that larger size bike seat.

The BikeCap collection

This cute design can also be found with our other (children’s) bike accessories. Such as a handy crate cover, or bike bag from BikeCap. Or those fine, handlebar covers, and that safe and comfortable child seat. And how about a nice cushion for the back? Plenty of options! And you can combine to your heart’s content to style and pimp your kids’ bikes even more in this line. In fact, you really have a lot more choice, because all BikeCap (children’s) bike accessories are also available in the various other cheerful designs and patterns. So: look around in the extensive and inspiring BikeCap collection. And live out your fantasy!

In short, the BikeCap collection offers fun prints for everyone. From stylish and classic to cheerful and funny. You can find it here, at BikeCap.

BikeCap offers with dot the most fun and convenient bicycle accessories!

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