Bike Seat Cover Moomin Little My

Lila My is showing her ‘angry face’ on the Moomin Little Me bike seat cover. The black and white striped background completes the though look. The cover has an approximate dimension of 29 x 25 cm. Order the Moomin Little Me cover for your bike now!


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A little girl with a loud mouth; that’s Lila My. There’s no doubt about it when you see the Little My seat cover. A though and useful addition for your bike; the Moomin Little My seat cover is a must-have!  As this item is quite an eyecatcher, it stands out in the crowd. You’ll find your bike in no time. Also it will keep your bottom nice and dry on a rainy day.

The Little Me seat cover is created out of a strong but smooth woven material, which repels water. The elastic trim along the edge will force the cover to sit nicely around the saddle. The cover will form itself to the saddle after a few bike rides. Another lovely element is the antitheft ribbon, which prevents the cover from being popped of the saddle.

There are two ways to use this Moomin Little Me seat cover; you can leave the cover on and remove it after a rainy period by tucking it under your saddle. Alternatively you store it under your saddle and pull it out when you start your bike ride. Both methods will keep your bottom nicely dry during the ride. Thanks to the Moomin Little Me seat cover!

Aside this adults size seat cover, we also offer a kids version of the Moomin Little My.

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