Bike Seat Cover Moomin Pretty Blue

The Moomin Pretty Blue bike seat cover has an approximate dimension of 29 cm by 25 cm and shows the cheerful ‘Moomins’ cartoon figure on a soft blue background.


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The Moomin Pretty Blue bike seat cover shows the main characters of the worldwide known cartoon ‘The Moomins’; which was created by the Finnish writer Tova Jansson in 1945. Do you also feel the Moomin Cartoons are the greatest?

BikeCap offers this Scandinavian design of Moomin troll figures in divers poses. Placed on a soft blue background, these Moomins, also seen as little hippo’s, create a playful design. These cute creatures experience lots of adventures. Let’s experience your own adventure on a bike ride with the Moomin seat cover!

This seat cover is not only a joy to watch, it also prevents your bottom from getting wet when it’s raining. Two for the price of one you could say! The cover is created out of a strong but smooth woven material, which repels water. The elastic trim along the edge will force the cover to sit nicely around the saddle. The cover will form itself to the saddle after a few bike rides. Another lovely element is the antitheft ribbon, which prevents the cover from being popped of the saddle.

There are two ways to use this Moomin Pretty Blue seat cover; you can leave the cover on and remove it after a rainy period by tucking it under your saddle. Alternatively you store it under your saddle and pull it out when you start your bike ride. Both methods will keep your bottom nicely dry during the ride. To be fair; that’s the best way to enjoy any bike ride!

Aside this adults size seat cover, we also offer a kids version of the Moomin Pretty Blue .

BikeCap offers a wide variety of products of this Moomin design. Such as Moomin Pretty Blue box crate covers, Moomin Pretty Blue bike pads, Moomin Pretty Blue handlebar covers and Moomin Pretty Blue rainhats. Let’s create the Moomin look for your bike!

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