Bike Seat Cover Multidots Basic

Coloured dots are placed in a coulourful pattern. Do you also want to embellish your bike with these trendy dots? BikeCap offers an extensive collection of bicycle accessories, including this bike seat cover Multidots Basic.


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The dots on this bike seat cover generate a colourful picture. Bike seat cover Multidots Basic shows a large amount of red, pink, green and blue dots, which are brought together in this design. The BikeCap bike seat cover is 29 x 25 cm and fits on any standard bicycle bike seat. BikeCap’s bicycle accessories protect you from the rain.

In addition to the bike seat cover Multidots Basic other BikeCap products have also been designed with this dotted design. Multidots Basic crate cover, a cushion for the back of the bike and bicycle bags are all available in these colourful dots. Wonderfully soft handlebar covers complete the look. The Multidots Basic pattern is a trendy addition to any bicycle!

Instructions for the use of bike seat cover Multidots Basic

There are 2 ways to use the saddlecover. Place the cover on your bike seat. When it rains or has rained, take the cover off and tuck it under the bike seat. The bike ride with a dry bike seat can start. Or you can keep the bike seat cover stored under your bike seat. If it has rained, simply pull the cover from under the bike seat and place it on top.

Like this, you can also keep the bike seat dry during your cycling tour.

The bike seat covers of BikeCap are water-repellent and provided with an anti-theft ribbon, that prevents theft.

Also for the children’s bike

All BikeCap bike seat covers are available in two sizes—for adult bikes or we also have a smaller size that fits perfectly on a child’s bike seat. If your child has a beach cruiser bike, then you should choose the larger size. This type of special bike is often equipped with a larger bike seat, which the BikeCap bike seat cover fits nicely.

The BikeCap collection

The Multidots Basic design is also available for other BikeCap products. The bike seat cover in two sizes can be combined with a trendy dotted crate cover which is also available in two sizes.  With a comfortable child seat or a cushion on the luggage carrier, you can transport young and old with pleasure. Of course, these products are also available in a different design. Choose the print that suits you best.

Discover the colourful world of the dots with BikeCap bicycle accessories!

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