Box Crate Cover XL Yellow & Green Wybert

Box Crate Cover XL Yellow & Green Wybert in trendy wybert motif – you can also call it herringbone look – is very practical. Handy if you get on your bike in the wind and weather and want to keep the stuff in your crate dry. With this waterproof protective cover, you have that guarantee. So you can cycle with more pleasure. In short, a good choice. Ordered quickly, quickly in the house. Typical BikeCap.


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Box Crate Cover XL Yellow & Green Wybert, quality in style

The sleek wybert or herringbone design of the Box Crate cover XL Yellow & Green Wybert gives your bike a special accent. But our customers also order this beautiful protective cover for the quality and protective properties of this topper from our range. Stylish and functional, from BikeCap. Discover it for yourself. Get acquainted with our wide collection.

Practical on the road

Nice and comfy on the bike. To school, to the store, your sports club, the beach, your friends, and so on. Then it’s nice to be able to take your things with you easily. For example, in such a trendy, handy crate on your bike. Of course you want your stuff to be dry and protected when it rains, snows, hails or blows hard. BikeCap offers the ideal solution: a water and wind resistant cover that fits perfectly and is securely attached. This XL crate cover is also available in various motifs and colors. Check out the collection!

Water and wind resistant bicycle crate cover

The XL crate cover is quick and easy to use. This protective cover fits smoothly around any bicycle crate with the standard size L43 x W35 x H28. You can easily attach it – crate with cover – to your bike with sturdy tie-wraps. This gives you effective protection against theft. The cover can be closed with a zipper. Thanks to the strong, smooth material with strong water-repellent properties, your BikeCap bike crate cover is guaranteed wind- and waterproof. So you’re all the way comfortable.

Wide collection of bicycle accessories

Besides this excellent box cover – as you can also call the XL cover – does BikeCap have even more useful bicycle products in house? Definitely! How about, a waterproof saddle cover, for example, or comfortable hand warmers and a fine bike cushion for a seat on the back. And, last but not least, you can also get a spacious, practical bike bag.

Crate Cover M from BikeCap

The XL cover is perfect for any bicycle crate in the standard size (L43 x W35 x H28). Don’t have an XL crate yet? Then of course you can also order one at BikeCap. In addition, as a total solution, we offer a smaller size crate cover complete with (collapsible) crate: Crate Cover Model M. Convenient for the luggage carrier on the back of the bike, or for smaller bikes such as a children’s bike.

Personal style

Besides this XL crate cover, our other bicycle accessories are also available in this yellow-green herringbone- designn. And in several other original, trendy prints, from fresh & fruity, to cool and stylish. Check out the entire collection!

In short, the choice is really wide. You can indulge yourself and pimp your bike to your personal style and taste, in one of those fun, fancy designs. Who knows, you might choose a special mix of styles, and create a bike with your own look. BikeCap challenges you!

BikeCap bike accessories, if you choose stylish quality.

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