Handlebar Covers Demolition Wood

The Demolition Wood handlebar covers give a colourful touch to your bike. You can attach them to your bicycles’ steering wheel, by simply sliding them on to your bike’s handlebars. The press buttons will give you the ability to fasten them firmly.


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These Demolition Wood handlebar covers have a trendy look. Showing a nice colour scheme of old wood. A print with character.

Although the colours are different, the do make a good harmony. It’s a very functional item as well. The soft lining together with the water repellent outer shell, make a comfortable combination for your hands. This way you can enjoy the winter landscape during a lovely long bike ride. Your hands will be nicely protected.

The winter elements such as hail, snow and rain will be better bearable this way. You no longer have to endure cold wet hands when you use these Demolition Wood handlebar covers from BikeCap! A real must-have during a cold winters bike ride, which make gloves no longer a necessity.

Aside these Demolition Wood handlebar covers, BikeCap offers a wide variety of prints and matching products such as Demolition Wood seat covers, Demolition Wood box crate covers, Demolition Wood bike pads and Demolition Wood rainhats.

You can brighten up your bike with this trendy print!

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