Seat Pad Grey Stripes

Black with white stripes? Or white with dark gray stripes? With this Seat Pad Grey Stripes you have in any case shock absorbing quality on your bike rack. Very pleasant for the people at the back, because this seat cushion takes care of the bumps and dips during the bike ride. Very pleasant. Choose for the comfort of BikeCap.


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Seat Pad Grey Stripes, a stripe ahead

The clean stripe pattern, in grey and white, is attractive and timeless. Seat Pad Grey Stripes is a popular seat cushion for your bike rack. It provides cushioning during bumpy rides, and that saves an overly painful seat for the passenger on the back. Of course, by BikeCap. And there is more. Discover our entire collection.

Bicycle cushion, comfortable and safe at the back

If you want to give someone a lift on the back of your bike, this luggage carrier cushion is a great idea! Thanks to its shock-absorbing and water-repellent properties, your passenger is sitting comfortably all the way. It is an ideal solution to prevent a sore seat. Moreover, you stand out even more thanks to the wide reflective strip on the back of the cushion. This makes you as a cyclist highly visible in traffic.

User-friendly quality

BikeCap bicycle cushions – standard size L36 x W18 x H4 – are of high quality and user-friendly. The velcro straps allow you to quickly attach the cushion to your bike rack. Because the eye also wants something, we offer various other beautiful motifs and attractive colors. Check out the collection!

Luxury bicycle cushion: child seat with back support

Besides the standard pannier cushions, we also have a solution for bicycles with a (metal) child backrest. Especially for that, there is – a more luxurious version – of the bicycle seat: a cushion with back support! You can find it in our collection of kids bike seats.

Luggage carrier cushion with bicycle bags

You can combine our cushions with the latest BikeCap pannier bags! A complete solution in the same look, or in combination with one of the other themes. From dots, stripes, fruit etc. to flowers, animals and stylish graphic designs. The choice is yours.

More than just bicycle pads

BikeCap offers even more useful bicycle accessories with this timeless stripe pattern. How about a waterproof saddle cover, or one of those sturdy bike crates (with or without cover) or those warm bike handlebar gloves? All cycling products in our range are also available in those other original BikeCap prints, from fresh and fruity to tough and stylish.

In short, the choice is wide. Create your own look for your bike. BikeCap challenges you!

BikeCap Bicycle accessories, on the road with an edge.

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